There are two main reasons businesses join a chamber of commerce – to promote and effect positive change in the community and/or help their business grow. The Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce supports both business and community investor members to help meet their membership goals.

2019 Membership Dues


General Membership

Membership in the Anne Arundel County Chamber is an investment in the future of your business and our local economy. The Chamber offers a wide range of programs to help your business grow and provides many opportunities to market your business throughout the county. Your membership in the Chamber will give you and your employees access to a wide range of programs, events, information, and discounts. It is important to note that your company is a member of the Chamber and you have the option of sending many different employees to participate in Chamber events or serve on committees.

Small Business (monthly payment schedule available)

# of Employees          Annual Dues          Monthly Payment

1 to 10 FTE                      $495                             $45

11 to 20 FTE                   $650                             $60

Medium-Sized Business

# of Employees          Annual Dues

21 to 50 FTE                    $900

51 TO 100 FTE                $1,200

Large Business

# of Employees          Annual Dues

101 to 500 FTE               $2,000

501 to 1000 FTE            $2,750

Over 1000 FTE              $3,500


Premium Membership

Contact Karen Cline for more information: