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January 28, 2019,

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General Assembly Recap

April 22, 2021,

Overview The Maryland General Assembly adjourned its 2021 Legislative Session at midnight on April 12th.  The General Assembly adjourned “Sine Die” which is a Latin term that means adjourning without a future date to return.  This mean all legislation under consideration during the 442nd Legislative Session is dead and will not be considered until 2022. […]

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Sine Die is Coming

April 1, 2021,

Legislative Session is Coming to a Close The legislative session in Annapolis is entering the final stretch and because of the pandemic, the General Assembly had to adjust the process to hold committee meetings, interact with constituents and hold votes.  Even with these restrictions, it was still a very busy legislative session with over 2,500 […]

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Chamber Takes Positions on GA Bills

March 15, 2021,

The Maryland General Assembly has reached the halfway point of the current legislative session.  So far, over 2,400 bills have been introduced.  While many of these will not see any legislative action, quite a few will, and they can have an impact on your business.  Last week the Chamber’s Board of Directors reviewed the recommendations […]

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Next Steps for the Economy: What Local CEOs Are Saying

February 25, 2021,

I want to tell you about the Economic Outlook meeting the Chamber recently hosted. Since the economy is on everyone’s mind. We wanted to take a deeper dive into economic conditions on the national and local level.   To get started we took a survey of the 85 people who attended the virtual meeting we wanted […]

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Legislative Update from Mark

February 19, 2021,

The Chamber is monitoring legislation being considered by the General Assembly that might impact your business.  It is our goal to provide periodic updates about what is happening on important bills that are being debated and when appropriate we reach out to share our concerns or support with members of the General Assembly.  Just this week, […]

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Chamber Opposes Tax on Internet Advertising

February 11, 2021,

Last year the General Assembly passed HB 732 which would implement a tax system for any ads placed on the internet.  This tax would increase the cost for a business to advertise using any digital platform.  Governor Hogan felt this bill was so harmful to Maryland businesses that he vetoed it.  If the General Assembly […]

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Getting Your PPP Application Ready

January 14, 2021,

The details and procedures to apply for a PPP loan are now in place.  The best way to start is to contact your bank. If your bank is not participating, reach out to one of the participating banks.  To help you get started, checkout this very helpful overview put together by the NFIB: PPP-Second-Draw-Overview-for-Small-Businesses.pdf Here […]

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COVID Doesn’t Stop the General Assembly

January 13, 2021,

Chamber Hosts Legislative Preview The Maryland General Assembly returns to work today to start the 2021 legislation session.  The working environment will be much different as most committee meetings and public hearings will be held using an on-line format.  Legislators will have to occasionally meet in-person for a vote and will do so in shifts […]

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Does Your Business Qualify for the 2nd Round of PPP?

January 5, 2021,

Payroll Protection Program: Round 2 What Small Businesses Need to Know After a lot of political gamesmanship and delay, the Congress and the President finally approved another stimulus bill the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA). The bill is 5,500 pages and has an estimated cost of $900 trillion. Included in it was the renewal of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), that […]

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Anne Arundel County Chamber’s General Development Plan Comments

November 16, 2020,

Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce General Development Plan Comments Overview The Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce represents over 400 businesses located throughout Anne Arundel County and we are pleased to present these comments concerning the draft of the General Development Plan.  The comments presented in this document were prepared by the Chamber’s Legislative […]

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